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History for Dorrington, CA | Elevation: 5100 ft | Latitude: 38 17' 14" N | Longitude: 120 17' 04" W
High/Low tables last updated 12/16/17 11:57p

Outdoor Daily 12/16/17 Monthly Yearly
Value Time
High Temperature 47.0F 12:29a 70.0F 96.3F
Low Temperature 34.9F 7:06p 30.6F 19.0F
High Humidity 53% 8:24a 92% 100%
Low Humdity 25% 12:18a 3% 3%
High Dewpoint 25.0F 5:28a 39.0F 64.0F
Low Dewpoint 5.0F 11:38p -24.0F -24.0F
High Heat Index 45.0F 12:00a 65.0F 95.0F
Low Wind Chill 33.0F 4:59p 27.0F 19.0F
High Barometer 29.950in 11:22p 30.443in 30.670in
Low Barometer 29.737in 5:14a 29.737in 29.276in
High Wind Speed 20.0mph 11:36a 24.0mph 24.0mph
Rain Total 0.00in ---- 0.00in 0.00in
High Rain Rate 0.00in/hr ---- 0.00in/hr 0.00in/hr

Indoor Daily 12/16/17 Monthly Yearly
Value Time
High Temperature 55.1F 12:00a 55.5F 86.7F
Low Temperature 51.5F 11:51p 44.4F 41.8F
High Humidity 35% 12:00a 41% 53%
Low Humdity 34% 12:33a 33% 21%

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About This Weather Station

Weather data is collected from a Davis Instruments Vantage Vue weather station and a server running WeatherLinkIP software. The exterior wireless sensor suite measures temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction. The interior console measures barometric pressure as well as indoor temperature and humidity. This station was established on July 6, 2012 in Dorrington, CA within Big Trees Village adjacent to Calaveras Big Trees State Park. In addition to uploading weather information directly to this website, the station also sends data to Davis WeatherLink, Weather Underground, Citizen's Weather Observer Program, and Weathercloud sites.

From 2001 through April 2012, weather data was collected from a Radio Shack WX200 weather station running wx200d software. This station was retired in April 2012. Old historical graphs from this station are available here.